The tenure: why friendship won’t last

Tik! Tok!!… It’s ticking.

The Timing for friendship will elapse!

It may seem like it’ll last forever, but death itself snaps it of it’s life to live on. There’s a will it holds like a revolution that’s completed with assertiveness. Cyndi Lauper sang about “time after time” expressing the transition that friendship and time play simultaneously.

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Who is that friend that will be greater than wealth, fame, success and glory to you? Aha! Time pops in and the game changes to a different state of pure disbelief. Now No longer the treasure you saw your friend to be. That’s because there’s a cycle in which everything revolves around.

Friendship has it’s pause/stop pedal, “the tenure”, the very reason one’s friendship can last long, short, and it didn’t even get past the initial spark of friendship.

Wise men all around the world have seen time as something you can’t change except you have your watch and you reset it. But in the real life, there’s no resetting time. You have to do the needful and hopefully things can fall in place. This being said, time will Mann or break a friendship, but it’s like a catalyst, or maybe a presence of it’s own principles.

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It can teach you the lessons behind people’s behavioural pattern towards others. It can give you an insight to how you’ve adapted, reacted, and acted towards your friend. That being said,

Why do people fall out of Love?

Have you ever wondered why the best love story possible even in the case of Titanic and Beauty and the beast came to an end? …THE TENURE. That’s the most concrete answer to our doubts above.

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Could it have been money, but in great situations, billionaires do divorce their spouse?

Could it be attention, little or less quality spending time?

Or maybe a third party influence?

Whatever the case may be, friendship has it’s time bomb. Let’s put it this way “The Fate”. It’s like the outcome of every circumstance and the tenure of one’s relationship, friendship, love is no exception to this.

If you’re a constant follower of my articles you’d have come across a post I wrote “Faith in Friendship: the fate”

People look for a perfect way to handle their relationship, let’s say they try to balance and create a bit of caution, sensitive to each others feelings. If space is the problem, or time, they fix it as they think they do. But it won’t matter someday.

There are things that simply can’t be fixed, it’s best to allow the natural quadrant flow.

I believe this story will be in our minds that there’s a conclusion to our love stories. An abrupt end or peradventure a fulfilled tenure.

For you I’ll do anything.

Expressing all for love.

what else could love not do

Have I loved you to the point I don’t know anything other than loving you. Because I’m far away, I hear your peculiar steps ringing through my ears while I’m on a walkway. You! You have my full attention, I’m summoned by your breath, waiting patiently for you to make use of me, your love. I’ll do anything. I’m your dedicated hero, to my last breath sworn to defend our love. Your unblemished angelic presence I’m strictly affectionate to. Cast me far away and the time will bring me back to you; struggle across life’s up and down but I’ll still search for you. You subtle through my bloodstreams, you attack every inch of my consciousness. What can I do for you? I say it again, what?!!

I’m running across distance to unite our heated spark, the threat of living you is impossible. I’m yours and you’re mine. But I just can’t leave you even if you ask. I know that through your eyes and our hearts, your heart beats for me cos we both love each other. I’ll stay a yard from you, protecting you with my love.

There’s a part of me working continuously to serve you, to be a loyal friend, giving you everything in just my presence. Coast to coast, a tossed coin rolls, a prick from a rose, duty calls, I’m sunk in your immense love. Gather the folks around, it’s me the lover, drinking from the love I love, I’m drunk from the mastery of this connection. The very depth of it I cannot fully explain. so many words, more words, in fact it’s words! Words!! Words!!! I’ve had too much of it, Oh! Lover boy!

There’s no disadvantage in this love, not even a fraction of friction. It’s pure, it’s original, the very thought of it’s edges sends a quick lemonade shiver down my soul. You have synced my spirit to your will. It’s a fortified blossom, a boundless love with a flair and flare. While my bones are still strong, I have so much to say about this reality so real and fresh that it is ever in motion in my eyes. I can see you, my imaginations captures your every moments, movements, activities, the details of your face, hands, hair, feet. I’m not going to stop here, /sighs/ It’s not too much, yeah, it’s my love, my all, my crust. It’s occupying my body but yet I’m awake and conscious.

It’s not a fallacy and certainly not a mirage. Come see for yourself!! But no! It’s not in words to fully describe the buttress sensation this love is like.
Are you there yet? Till you’ve found love love, Run along! You’ll talk more than I did and they’ll be your love words.
You get one for yourself, and there’s no language that can explain how you feel.

So therefore, I’m going to retire in this love that consumes my existence and questions my other responsibilities. In debt, it’s for you I’m writing this, anything?? for my life is yours to wield.

Those were the days my friend.

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Memories bring back memories. These are moments you truly can’t forget about a pal, buddy, friend you grew up with, attended high school, went to college too, had your first prom night with et cetera.

This feeling comes up naturally from time to time. You stare at a photo, or the individual from afar and it takes you down memory lane. The flashback seems just like yesterday, so fresh and amazing with smiles all over your face. Time flies, right? The relevance of your friendship still remains worthy and appreciated.

How we grew up, to the time we went to college. We were in the football team. We finished with top grades, had a camp fire, had our first night out. And during a summer time, we were at the beach swimming and having fun. Some nights were lonely but we could hardly feel it. We were having lots of things to get our minds busy with. I’d bake cakes and you’d make sandwiches for us to take to a little local gathering. Riding through the less busy streets with a soft tune playing from the radio. You on shorts and I wore the Big 5 T-shirt.

I can hardly count the number of things we did together. How we climbed the Himalayas mountain and I almost fell, you held me, and because I was heavier than you we both fell. We had a good laugh. Thank goodness no one was hurt. The barbecue tasted really nice, group of couples dancing, we had us to ourselves and we danced as if we had nothing to lose, like free birds with free thoughts and exciting minds. You quickly ran to get the blankets when I caught cold.

We teamed up to beat the others anytime it came to show of style and intelligence. We would strive to keep our records, our winning streaks. And so we became popular. We were like sausage in bread. It was because we had our backs, worked closely together and did things like twins that’s why I have fond memories of you. And I know you do too for me.

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It leaves you with a reminder of those were the days you thought they’ll never end. When we Baked, Sang, shared secrets, danced, went hiking, did sleepovers, drove a car, party,had couple of drinks, fought together against a rival, had a crush on a girl/boy, watched soccer and baseball, played Xbox and PES, had a night out, [Exhales] Wow! We had countless fun.

That smirk when things may not be the same way as it was in the past. But even still, your memories together remains treasured in your heart. It reconnects you to the feelings and gestures you both experienced. They came with sacrifices for each other without grudges. Very unique friendship that was just there, so hard to define the magnitude and depth of connection and the pleasant memories it brought. Love! Love!! Love!!! Brings back those days, my friend.

To that friend we cannot forget, To the reason we became close, To the bond we shared, cheers! It was a great thing we crossed our paths. Friends forever.

You need a Rich Friend

Weird right? No! Not at all. You need at least one rich friend in your circle of friends. Yes I get it, rich friends have negative characters that could depreciate your friendship, yeah! but, what’s life with just only pessimistic thought? Smiles, now you grab. There’s always a prospect about having a well to do friend.

Now, here is five genuine and good reasons why you need a rich friend.

1. Philosophy: A rich friend mentality is sophisticated. Failure is the least thought on his/her mind. A well defined and programmed life to achieve, succeed and be a pacesetter. This is a psychology you need to shape and broaden your perspective about life. Their simple approach to things with an attentive mind to details will keep you on your toes and curious.

2. Accessibility: A rich friend have no spare time for unproductive things. Working their ways to different interconnected works in life. Their influence will give you an exclusive (VIP) access to a world of seamless connection limited to LA crème de LA crème, great thinkers, mentors and the list goes on. You simply can’t miss out to see the world in an advance yet real world.

3. Diversity: Rich friends think like a machine or they employ smart people to think on their behalf like a machine. With these they have lots of ideas coming in and since they have the financial power, they could easily get the best brains out there. Having one business is unlike them. You need them around to understand how they handle various businesses with just one brain.

4. Communication: An effective way of winning a human attention to you, is through precise and fluent communication. To express oneself through words seem more difficult when caught unaware (impromptu). How can you sell me this pen? Can you quickly come up with something unique, attractive and worth listening to ideas about the pen? But because Rich friends are exposed to such lifestyle, their experience works better in the field of communication for their own benefits.

5. Risk: it’s not about the gamble. The risk is the braveness in evaluating your view about a thing. Rich friends are adventurous, fly first class, sky diving, swimming with sharks, forex exchange et cetera. Rich friends are humans sometimes they loose some and win some, that’s the essence of the risk. To win and expect the unexpected. No options, no back door, you’re going to be left with a rich friend. What are you staggering about? Take the risk!

With these, you’ll definitely be a successful and a wealthy person. Don’t allow your fate completely discourage you. Have faith and Take an action today because you need a rich friend. Observe the Alpha and Queen-like traits He/She possess. Learning is constant. This is what you need to adapt and survive in this ever revolving world.

Faith in Friendship: The Fate

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“It’s meant for all”. The fate of friendship starts with faith in the mutual connection you will experience. Sometimes it’s determined by the rare affection you feel at first sight, and other times it’s through familiarized meetings

The explanation of faith in friendship is the ability to see a better or similarly growing you in another person. It is an extraordinary feeling of striking and remarkable features that gets your attention to discover something hopeful that could lead towards the Fate of that friendship.

Fate; the end will justify the means. reflects and establishes it’s lovely artwork when there’s a faith fulcrum. The satisfaction gotten through series of unknown and unexpected processes to test one’s vulnerability, efficiency, difficulty and perseverance climax leading to the fate of the friendship*. This should be overly emphasized as it is the reason for the make or break in a friendship.

A friend once said that she opened her heart to welcome a female friend into her penthouse only for the house to be sold out to a buyer without her awareness. The effort put in to risk in this open friendship does not mean friendship completely ends. The disappointment was the situation she faced with her female friend. She had faith in a new friendship but the fate of it was truly sad. 

Nevertheless, friendship has it’s up and down. I was able to assure her of Better days ahead for her, that she directly learnt how human beings could be despite the benefit of a doubt, it was a risk that would help her have an optimistic future. She currently has new good friends, and her car and house is intact. Lol!

Having a pessimistic view of friendship can only come out of awful experiences. As time goes on there’s a huge opportunity awaiting you to have faith in a new friendship for the better, only if you don’t test yourself into getting disappointed so as to cement earlier claims and experiences of a toxic friendship. The fate should not frighten your faith in friendship. The idea here is to keep having hope for a wonderful and happy friendship ending.

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The manFriend – World International Men’s Day

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First human to be created according to believes was a ‘man’. So many purposes come with being a male.

MAN – M – Mankind

                A – Authority

                N – Nature

Mankind, man is to bring the birth of each new generation, to spread offsprings, kids, families across every part of the world. The ability to create, to think, a builder, pace setter, to love and be loved. Man begets mankind. Your malefriend is special because of the presence, characteristics, personality and spontaneous attributes he can povide.

Authority, men dominate, they rule, they are brave, great stamina, blessed with power. With these they secure their loved ones, form territories of their own, enlarge their coast, cause things to be that were not in existence. They have the prowess, the never give up stand, the backbone of their own legacy. They’ll speak up without fear.

Nature, they admire, love, get angry, cheat, fight, shoulder up responsibilties, smile, fierce and dangerous movement, luxury, thinker, gambler and a designer of ideas, adventurer, scientist.

Why should i have a male friend? Do i really need one? Do I better still, stick with being alone?

Cheers to those who have got a gem in a manFriend. They are like cubs in the lion hands of a malefriend. They stay protected, love, thought of, provided for, working with, giving and creating memories (Females/male).
Despite the current happenings in the world and also in the world where the manfriend subdue and silent the voice of their counterpart, in secrete and in public, they demolirise the confidence and the breakthrough of the female gender friend, it’s quite amazing to know that on the good side they are truly human beings with flaw and excellence.

How can a manFriend be better??

  • It’s without a doubt “honesty”, “respect with equality”, “kindness from love”. This three will go a long way in developing a man to be a better manfriend. Do you agree? Comment below…

Changing a bad manFriend?

  • This is the toughest part. As human beings stick to their nature and need some sort of divine intervention. LOL! But they say time is a great healer, at the same time you need your peace, love, and a bright mind. Go for one that shares the same thought as yours.

FriendsForYou celebrate with all men across the world. Happy international Men day.

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The Enemy in a Friend

Does this even make sense? What is the paradox behind this? The true reality of an enemy in a friend is “not accepting you for who you are”. We all live in a place, town, country, region of the world in which people think that friendship is relegated to blood, indigenous relationship as the meaning of friendship, but this clouds and develops the wrong impression.

For instance, People who live in America are Americans, but how come there’s a thing as “human color difference”, “black or white”, “Caucasian or African American or Native American”. This is a classification made and created by man. It has only brought devastating manipulations rather than the supposedly ‘scientific human specie evolution, migration, and habitation classification” which is helping the bizarre course. This is the real ENEMY

This is spreading around the globe, tribes, cultures, believes, limiting the growth of friendship because they don’t understand what LOVE truly stands for! Love leads to friendship. I repeat! friendship depends upon Love! Do you get that now? Let it sink in. whatever the case may be, love has a divine will of bringing good rather than causing dark world with ordeals. But love that doesn’t discriminate and support evil (pride, wealth, social class, oppression, corruption, racism, xenophobia, genocide, et cetera) is the ultimate and sovereign cause for friendship. Quotes to hold unto;

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along” – Rumi

The only thing we never get enough of is love; and the only thing we never give enough of is love” – Henry Miller

It is love, not reason that is stronger than death” – Thomas mann

”Take a good person down, and many more powerful ones shall rise. You can’t stop the love of friendship for all – Nsikak Ekere

They give (pull the strings) you opportunities when they want to, you are a cockroach in their spider webs. This is dirtiness in thoughts and creativity in Evil. Bad friends limit the bottomless magnitude of love, they silent the depth of genuine friendship. All they want is a sad, separated, and sinking world for their penchant benefits. Now, the Enemy in a friend is not a paradox; *It’s the character of the thinker in the plan.






Knowing the innermost thought of a person is really difficult. But actions will speak louder than the ‘claims of friendship’. This will indefinitely reveal the enemy behind the friend that you have. If they like you they’ll be patient with you, always want to hear from you (communicate). If they don’t do this, it’s not because that they are preoccupied. You are not in their thoughts and you just exist to them. You may doubt this, but *all friends don’t see you as their friend*. In as much as you give the best of you, they’ll end up hurting your genuine friendship goals. So, live with love as you’re having friends; you can’t bear hatred forever. Don’t limit love and friendship, your unconditional friend will come one day to you.


Crisis begets a friend – COVID-19 Blog post relief. 

When you go through difficulties in life, whether it’s depression, anxiety, phobia, seclusion, discrimination, degradation, you experience either a bad or a good friend around you. Let’s talk about a good friend. A friend for you (new or old) will Give you self believe, new hope, activations of versatile options and opportunities to help you survive and scale through. In this trying times of COVID-19 pandemic, the world is sharing one goal,which is to be a friend to the heart broken. Doctors, social organisations, companies, governments and well meaning individuals are stepping in to give a comforting support to ease the worries and sorrows of many. 

A ‘significant difference’ has to happen for one to realise the depths of Love, Unity, and Peace. In this case, the world is learning from a pandemic, what it means to work together without ulterior motives but yet still there are underlying diplomatic mysteries surrounding a situation of this magnitude. Honesty and the sincerity of ones dealings with a fellow human is crucial and definite.

The treatment and care given to a friend will test it’s strength, faith, and Dreams in times like this; Government – citizens, companies – employers, families – individuals. 

“Friends for you” commends the genuine efforts of everyone around the globe. I invigorate this post with the saying “there will be light at the end of the tunnel” this we must realize.

“Your Friend is never yours”

Your friend is your friend but circumstances makes your friend not to be your friend as it may seem. It’s interesting to know that the connection is based on likes, features, similarities, and superior motives but this certainly does not mean unconditional love. Therefore, your friend isn’t your friend but just a “likeable – mate”. Understanding the complexity of friendship can only be achieved when you both love each other in an unmeasurable and dynamic way. Hardships, scrutiny, embarrassments, socialization, Intelligence quotient, psycology, idealogy, way of life, and more will undoubtedly test your friendship refined quality and pureness but, the value of your friendship will be and should be “love for life”. If this is not the case, your dear friend is not your friend. They will be there when you need them, or they could just be a shadow seemly far than near you. 

First Friends

Your first friends are basically strangers. You both notice each other and try to give a shot at it by introducing yourself. Next, you get attached to the new person as you both develope mutual partnership. He is cool, she is funky, and more or any characteristics could get you to your first formed friendship. However, you can’t determine the durability of your union till you look back at your first day of friendship & how you have gone so far. Hmm… It’s nice meeting you.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. Meet the writer  —

Meet Nsikak; Hello
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Friends For you (FFY) is intended to create a smart platform to readers to enable individuals realise and be aware about true friendship.

A kind hearted person with a sense of humour, improving psychologically day by day.

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